Front-End Software


The board was designed to output the four arrow keys, depending on which part of the board was experiencing a proportionally larger amount of force. Our front-end was built using the PyGTK library. It is a full-screen window with 3 options, "Explore Cambridge", "Explore Seattle", and "Play Surfing Game". The window takes an input of arrow keys: left and right navigate through the options while the down key selects the highlighted option. The Explore options each open a web browser loaded with Google Streetview in the appropriate locale when selected. Google Streetview has built-in support for arrow-key navigation.

If the user selects the game option, a collision-avoidance game opens up where the user is a "surfer" and must go left, right, forwards, and backwards to avoid "rocks" falling on the screen. Their objective is to get to the top of the screen without hitting a rock. The game was written in PyGame.